Moving Women* in Public Space at Night

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This project is born from my own need to deal with a constant fear that hunts me when being alone in public space at night as a woman, a need to call back to the catcallers who aggress me with their words, an artistic protest to demolish patriarchy that structures public spaces in ways that excludes women and traps them inside. It’s about establishing a practice to find ways of being in that male space together with other women and reappropriate it as ours through movement.

Fear of ‘the world’ as the scene of a future injury works as a form of violence in the present, which shrinks bodies in a state of afraidness, a shrinkage which may involve a refusal to leave the enclosed spaces of home, or a refusal to inhabit what is outside in ways that anticipate injury (walking alone, walking at night and so on). Such feelings of vulnerability and fear hence shape women’s bodies as well as how those bodies inhabit space. Vulnerability is not an inherent characteristic of woman’s bodies rather, it is an effect that works to secure femininity as a delimitation of movement in the public, and over-inhabitance in the private. – Sara Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion –

call: CI research – moving women in public space at night

dossier: Moving Women* in Public Space at Night

In collaboration with Flor Campise, Lauren Delestre & Simona Soledad

Photo’s by Evy Raes