Spiraling the Imaginative – Sensory Labyrinth Theater

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Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is a method developed by Theatr Cynefin and TROTI for creating immersive, site specific, one-to-one, multi sensory theatre performances with communities.

Inspired by the work of Theatre Anthropologist Enrique Vargas,  Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is a participative arts process that leads  to the creation of a site-specific installation performance.

Audiences  enter the instillation alone and journey on a winding path along which they encounter ‘sensory portals.’  These portals are co-created  with community volunteers or professional artists through research methods Theatr Cynefin have developed.  In the dark spaces of the Labyrinth these encounters help intensify the travellers’ senses and awaken in them a renewed appreciation of the kind of aliveness remembered from childhood.


Photo’s by: Frederik Sadones