wordings: Not-Yet Contact Improvisation

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Hi all!

We would really like to share with you some wordings after the Freiburg CI festival Research process in which many more than us were entangled. You can find it in the link below: please share it, destroy it, hate it, love it, spit on it, rip it apart and glue it together upside down!

We wanted to thank yous very very very much for the sharings, the thinking-drawing-trying outs together, and your trust to be involved in a project with no certainties, to be lost while becoming together. For that thank you a lot!

We hope you are doing well on these crazy moments.

Big hugs to all.
Meldy and Flor

Not-Yet Contact Improvisation by Flor Campise & Meldy IJpelaar

#This is a writing un/re/de/folding from the research project ‘From CI island to CI connective Rhizome’ at the Freiburg Contact Improviation Festival 2019.